Hope Our Tribe of Many

Most Popular
30, 2017
United States
Birth Sign
30, 2017 (age 4)
United States


Fourth daughter of family vloggers Sarah and Solo Mwania of the popular YouTube channel Our Tribe of Many. They've amassed over 25,000 subscribers and over 55 million views since launching their channel in 2013. 

Before Fame

Her mother experienced her first miscarriage before getting pregnant with Hope, and Hope's name was in honor of her mother's resolve to keep trying after losing the previous baby.


She was a preemie born at 35 weeks and spent time in the NICU before being allowed to come home to her family.

Family Life

She and her brothers and sisters all have Kenyan names worked in to their middle names names in case any of them get married and want to change their last name. 

Associated With

Eve Franke is also the fourth daughter of a large family with their own YouTube channel called 8 Passengers.