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Most Popular
1, 1992
Doncaster, England
Birth Sign
1, 1992 (age 27)
Doncaster, England


YouTuber whose channel features Minecraft, GMOD, and vlogging content. He started uploading daily on October 31, 2012, creating over 1,000 videos in a two year span. His channel has earned over 550,000 subscribers. 

Before Fame

He was an everyday 20-year-old before he got started on YouTube, going from job to job to make ends meet. 


He decided to start making YouTube videos because he had a couple of friends who were doing the same and heard great things. 

Family Life

His real name is Callum Knight and he was born in Doncaster, England, UK. He got engaged to his longterm girlfriend Jess Hedley.

Associated With

He published a video called "Calling Out Yamimash - Battle Of The Youtubers #1" in March of 2013.