Christiaan Huygens


Birthday April 14, 1629

Birth Sign Aries

Birthplace The Hague, Netherlands

DEATH DATE Jul 8, 1695 (66)

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Dutch mathematician and leading natural philosopher of his time who worked on early telescopic studies of the rings of Saturn. He also did revolutionary work on games of chance. He also did work in Horology, the study of time. 

Before Fame

He spent time at the French Academy of Sciences with the approval of King Louis XIV.


He invented the pendulum clock, a clock that uses a swinging weight as its timekeeping element. It remained the most accurate timekeeping instrument for nearly 300 years. 

Family Life

His parents were named Suzanna van Baerle and Constantijn Huygens.

Associated With

Another famous astronomer like Huygens was Leonard Euler.