2 of Wands
2 of Wands, which signifies the importance of balance in all aspects of your life. If you have been feeling imbalanced, the 2 of Wands indicates that, with some effort on your part, this problem will be corrected in the near future. You must remember that balance is key even in the most basic parts of your routine, such as eating and sleeping. In larger parts of your life, such as love, give and take should be paramount.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 2 of Wands: Mar 21, Mar 22, Mar 23, Mar 24, Mar 25, Mar 26, Mar 27, Mar 28, Mar 29, Mar 30

3 of Wands
3 of Wands, which appears as a positive relationship with your work. You will soon be recognized for your hard work and efforts. The 3 of Wands may signify an upward trend in your finances are soon to come. Even when recognition is not made obvious by those around you, it is important to acknowledge and be proud of yourself. Don't shy away from confidence and good feelings that stir inside , as you do deserve them.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 3 of Wands: Mar 31, Apr 1, Apr 2, Apr 3, Apr 4, Apr 5, Apr 6, Apr 7, Apr 8, Apr 9, Apr 10

4 of Wands
4 of Wands, which appears in time when fun and excitement should be embraced. While pragmatism should never be completely abandoned, don't prevent yourself from partaking in enjoyable activities and events. If you take some time to play, your work will benefit. The 4 of Wands also warns to keep your common sense in matters and relationships. Be careful to avoid overindulgence, as it may lead to you becoming satisfied with your current successes.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 4 of Wands: Apr 11, Apr 12, Apr 13, Apr 14, Apr 15, Apr 16, Apr 17, Apr 18, Apr 19, Apr 20

5 of Wands
5 of Wands, which is the card of competition primarily in the realm of work and possibly in relationships. It is easy to look at competition negatively, but without competition one can't obtain success. You must remember that there is no certainty in winning, but if you refuse to put forth effort, there is certainty in losing. The 5 of Wands reminds you to stay confident, because without it the battle is already lost. In love or work, you have the fortitude to rise above others, but take care to do so fairly.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 5 of Wands: Jul 22, Jul 23, Jul 24, Jul 25, Jul 26, Jul 27, Jul 28, Jul 29, Jul 30, Jul 31, Aug 1
6 of Wands
6 of Wands, which appears as a good omen in terms of your life path. The 6 of Wands is a card of change, but change for the better. You may soon reach a goal that you have been working to achieve. You may be tentative to embrace happiness, but try to shed these defenses. It is important to enjoy the fruits of you labor. In love the 6 of Wands can indicate increased happiness in your relationship or that you may soon enter the relationship you've been hoping for.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 6 of Wands: Aug 2, Aug 3, Aug 4, Aug 5, Aug 6, Aug 7, Aug 8, Aug 9, Aug 10, Aug 11
7 of Wands
8 of Wands, which signifies a slight dissatisfaction and frustration with some aspects of your life. You may feel that, despite your efforts, change is slow coming. In times of waiting, its easy to tire of your dependence on others and try to force things. Although things feel stagnant, attempt to curb your frustrations. The 8 of Wands indicates a need for patience, even when you feel all your patience has been exhausted. Rushing situations is the worst path for you right now. You must have faith that your efforts will be rewarded.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 8 of Wands: Nov 23, Nov 24, Nov 25, Nov 26, Nov 27, Nov 28, Nov 29, Nov 30, Dec 1, Dec 2
8 of Wands
7 of Wands, which appears in times of clarity in both personal and business matters. You are aware of your goals and are working positively towards them. To a great extent you understand what you want out of your partner. Focus on communicating these wants to others as understanding improves relationships. The 7 of Wands can indicate an increase in independence. While you may not be free from fear or apprehension, you must overcome these issues and follow your instincts.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 7 of Wands: Aug 12, Aug 13, Aug 14, Aug 15, Aug 16, Aug 17, Aug 18, Aug 19, Aug 20, Aug 21, Aug 22
9 of Wands
9 of Wands, which appears in times when anxiety and worry will soon make an appearance, if those feelings have not surfaced already. In all aspects of life, worrying is natural, but an abundance becomes detrimental. Worry is a burden that takes work to become free of. In times of anxiety, you must deconstruct your own fears. When you confront the irrational side of your fears, they become easier to deal with. In love, the 9 of Wands reminds you to find emotional peace, in order to strengthen a current relationship or to be ready for a new one on the horizon.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 9 of Wands: Dec 3, Dec 4, Dec 5, Dec 6, Dec 7, Dec 8, Dec 9, Dec 10, Dec 11, Dec 12
10 of Wands
10 of Wands, which indicates a time of a heavy mental burden. To often, you take on the burdens of others without realizing it. When your plate becomes to full, you must trust others to handle their own lives and worry about the health of your own. Becoming free of other people's problems will help to greatly ease your own burden. The 10 of Wands suggests that it may be prudent to scale back your ambitions, if only temporarily. In love and friendship, it may be time to expose unexamined problems in existing relationships. In all aspects of life, the 10 of Wands reminds us of the importance of recuperation and reflection.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 10 of Wands: Dec 13, Dec 14, Dec 15, Dec 16, Dec 17, Dec 18, Dec 19, Dec 20, Dec 21

2 of Cups
2 of Cups, which is a very positive omen tied with joy, balance, friendship and love. You should notice that you are emotionally content and those close to you are helping to support this state. If you have been feeling unappreciated or unhappy with your work situation, a positive change is approaching. In love, there are very positive feelings in the horizon, so you should not lose hope in a fulfilling, balanced relationship.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 2 of Cups: Jun 21, Jun 22, Jun 23, Jun 24, Jun 25, Jun 26, Jun 27, Jun 28, Jun 29, Jun 30, Jul 1
3 of Cups
3 of Cups, which appears when some type of reunion is approaching. A reunion can come in many forms; a romantic reunion, reconnecting with an old friend, or returning to an activity or work that you have been apart from. The 3 of Cups reminds us not to fret confronting the past, because reunions can be times of happiness and joy. The 3 of Cups is also a positive omen for your work situation and relationships, even if it does not manifest in the rekindling of a past relationship or work relationship.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 3 of Cups: Jul 2, Jul 3, Jul 4, Jul 5, Jul 6, Jul 7, Jul 8, Jul 9, Jul 10, Jul 11
4 of Cups
4 of Cups, which appears in times when its necessary to be weary of wishful thinking and stay grounded in reality. Your imagination can easily lead to unhappiness, as you get lost in wishing and hoping for a different reality. The 4 of Cups suggests that you shift your focus to the positive, real aspects of your life instead of the opposite. Take time to acknowledge what is right in your life and your happiness will benefit. In love, the 4 of Cups reminds you to be honest about unrealistic expectations.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 4 of Cups: Jul 12, Jul 13, Jul 14, Jul 15, Jul 16, Jul 17, Jul 18, Jul 19, Jul 20, Jul 21
5 of Cups
5 of Cups, which indicates a need to reevaluate focus. Your focus is one of your greatest tools to find success, but if your focus is misplaced, it can actually put your life in decline. With a fair amount of reflection, you can determine if you are focused on things that are most greatly linked with your success. If the answer is no, it may be time to let go of things that you cannot control. In love, the 5 of Cups reminds you to turn your focus inward and avoid rushing into the next level of a relationship before you are ready emotionally.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 5 of Cups: Oct 23, Oct 24, Oct 25, Oct 26, Oct 27, Oct 28, Oct 29, Oct 30, Oct 31, Nov 1
6 of Cups
6 of Cups, which appears in times of nostalgia. You may find yourself looking towards the past often. It is important to realize that looking positively to the past can turn into negative feelings about the present. The 6 of Cups reminds us that reflection can bring joy, but should not be abused. Instead of looking to the past, it may be time to look to the future especially in work and love. Be weary of rekindling old relationships, as some things should remain in the past.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 6 of Cups: Nov 2, Nov 3, Nov 4, Nov 5, Nov 6, Nov 7, Nov 8, Nov 9, Nov 10, Nov 11, Nov 12
7 of Cups
7 of Cups, which signifies confusion, feelings of being overwhelmed and possibly disorganization. You may be trying to do too many things at once, which causes all of your interests to suffer. It may be time to lessen your load and focus on a few important things. While it is not always easy, the 7 of Cups reminds us that to be successful in life and love, you must first sort the things that are truly important from those that are not. Take advantage of the areas of life that you do have control in.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 7 of Cups: Nov 13, Nov 14, Nov 15, Nov 16, Nov 17, Nov 18, Nov 19, Nov 20, Nov 21, Nov 22
8 of Cups
8 of Cups, which usually indicates a separation is nearing. A separation does not always relate to a romantic relationship, it could be in relation to your work situation, living situation or some type of friendship. While it may be difficult to let go, your instincts let you know when something is not going to work out. Listen to your instincts, as the ending of a negative situation is the only way of giving yourself the chance to find a better one. It is important to find closure in relationships that have failed, in order to be emotionally prepared to move on.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 8 of Cups: Feb 19, Feb 20, Feb 21, Feb 22, Feb 23, Feb 24, Feb 25, Feb 26, Feb 27, Feb 28
9 of Cups
9 of Cups, which is a very positive card, sometimes referred to as the "wish card." The 9 of Cups tells us that something you have been desiring will be obtained and probably very soon. When a wish comes to fruition, it is a time of great happiness and joy. In love, work and finances, this card means that positive things are likely to come. Embrace this opportunity for happiness and put yourself in situations for potential success.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 9 of Cups: Mar 1, Mar 2, Mar 3, Mar 4, Mar 5, Mar 6, Mar 7, Mar 8, Mar 9, Mar 10
10 of Cups
10 of Cups, which appears as a very positive omen in regards to your happiness in all matters of life, including work, finances and love. This card is not so much about personal happiness or desires, but a widespread, general happiness for you and your loved ones. The 10 of Cups can also indicate that you are on a path towards inner peace or spiritual fulfillment. Find value in all the positive aspects of your life, as it will make the few problems that you do have seem less significant.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 10 of Cups: Mar 11, Mar 12, Mar 13, Mar 14, Mar 15, Mar 16, Mar 17, Mar 18, Mar 19, Mar 20
2 of Swords
2 of Swords, which appears in relation to partnerships and the need to balance them. The 2 of Swords signifies positive partnerships in friendship, love and business, but without reflection, it may be impossible to discover your true feelings about these connections. Be honest with yourself and communicate your others to get the most out of your valued relationships. If you do the work, you will be greatly pleased with the results.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 2 of Swords: Sep 23, Sep 24, Sep 25, Sep 26, Sep 27, Sep 28, Sep 29, Sep 30, Oct 1, Oct 2
3 of Swords
3 of Swords, which appears when strong emotions must be confronted. Pay attention to your feelings as opposed to trying to deny them or sweep them under the rug. Trust your judgement, but realize that acknowledging negative emotions should not to be confused with wallowing in them. Whether it be in love, friendships or business, allow yourself to experience your emotions and grow because of it. It is very likely that on the other side of whatever pain or sorrow you may be experiencing, there is understanding and joy.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 3 of Swords: Oct 3, Oct 4, Oct 5, Oct 6, Oct 7, Oct 8, Oct 9, Oct 10, Oct 11, Oct 12
4 of Swords
4 of Swords, which appears when one needs some time to themselves. Life often becomes overwhelming and it is far to easy to spread yourself thin. There is no shame in temporally withdrawing from the less important parts of life. Embrace your need for seclusion and rest. You are in complete control of your time and have the power to deny others. Respect that those closet to you have the same needs and may also need some time away from you. Remember it is only with space that genuine growth can occur.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 4 of Swords: Oct 13, Oct 14, Oct 15, Oct 16, Oct 17, Oct 18, Oct 19, Oct 20, Oct 21, Oct 22
5 of Swords
5 of Swords, which appears in times of mixed feelings. Certainty in life or relationships is never guaranteed, but with reflection and care, you can sort through your concerns. The 5 of Swords warns of the importance to think things through and avoid picking fights with those you are close to. You can sometimes be to rash in speaking your mind and in doing so, become your own worse enemy. While it is easy to be frustrated when things are not how you want them, the 5 of Swords indicates a need for patience.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 5 of Swords: Jan 20, Jan 21, Jan 22, Jan 23, Jan 24, Jan 25, Jan 26, Jan 27, Jan 28, Jan 29
6 of Swords
6 of Swords, which appears when you would greatly benefit from travel. The word travel can mean a variety of things. A simple change of scenery may suffice to create some relief and inner peace. A change in mental state can also relate to metaphorical movement within the self. In a more general sense, the 6 of Swords indicates your need for change. This change should not be completely impulsive, as you will benefit more greatly from understanding exactly what it is that you want from life, loved ones and your environment.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 6 of Swords: Jan 30, Jan 31, Feb 1, Feb 2, Feb 3, Feb 4, Feb 5, Feb 6, Feb 7, Feb 8
7 of Swords
7 of Swords, which appears when trust and privacy are of the upmost concern. In your own matters, put extra effort into protecting yourself from those who may want to take advantage of you. Also, try to avoid any foul play on your own part, as these things always find a way of resurfacing. Outwardly, it is also important to resist your own urges to pry into the lives of others. In love and friendship, the 7 of Swords may indicate a need to hash out concerns with your partner, but do so carefully to avoid damaging to the relationship.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 7 of Swords: Feb 9, Feb 10, Feb 11, Feb 12, Feb 13, Feb 14, Feb 15, Feb 16, Feb 17, Feb 18
8 of Swords
8 of Swords, which appears when one possibly allows fear to hold them back from the future. In new situation, it often seems easier to play it safe to avoid failure. You must remember that the prospect of failure must loom for there to be a possibility of success. With a fair amount of inward examination, you can discover how much of your fears in life are from your own negativity. If nothing else, the 8 of Swords encourages reflection and clarity in all matters of life, whether it be love, work, health or spirituality.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 8 of Swords: May 21, May 22, May 23, May 24, May 25, May 26, May 27, May 28, May 29, May 30, May 31
9 of Swords
9 of Swords, which general points to some type of anxiety or fear in your life. Anxiety could possibly be on the horizon, which is something that you must take care to protect from. If feelings of anxiousness are already effecting you, don't run from them, but instead try to figure out the source. You are more in control of your situation than you realize and a change in yourself can drastically improve your situation. Be meticulous in your reflection, it may be very possible that you are worrying about things out of your control. If this is the case, try to appreciate the things that are positive in your life that you do have control over.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 9 of Swords: Jun 1, Jun 2, Jun 3, Jun 4, Jun 5, Jun 6, Jun 7, Jun 8, Jun 9, Jun 10
10 of Swords
10 of Swords, which appears in time when trust is in serious question. Without trust, stability is hard to obtain in any sphere of life. In many ways, the 10 of Swords signifies the end of a situation because of irreconcilable differences or problems. While this may seem negative, you must remember that an end only comes to things that aren't right. In love, friendships or business, unfavorable relationships have to end so a fulfilling opportunity can arise. Even if your trust in someone or something has faltered, keep your trust in the universe and your path towards happiness.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 10 of Swords: Jun 11, Jun 12, Jun 13, Jun 14, Jun 15, Jun 16, Jun 17, Jun 18, Jun 19, Jun 20, Jun 21, Jun 22, Jun 23, Jun 24, Jun 25, Jun 26, Jun 27, Jun 28, Jun 29, Jun 30
2 of Pentacles
2 of Pentacles, which appears in times where balance should be one of your main priorities. There are two priorities in life that you are struggling to find balance between, such as love and work and it is important not abandon your search for balance. Don't worry if other, less important aspects of your life fall to the background during this time. This card is especially important in matters of love, and suggests more focus on your emotional needs and the needs of your important relationships.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 2 of Pentacles: Dec 22, Dec 23, Dec 24, Dec 25, Dec 26, Dec 27, Dec 28, Dec 29, Dec 30
3 of Pentacles
3 of Pentacles, which indicates that you are on the right track in life. While your convictions may be faltering, you should resist the urge to start on a new path. This card is a positive omen in most aspects of life, including finances, work and love. Those around you appreciate your efforts and you are approaching success. In matters of love and work, the 3 of Pentacles suggests that happiness is right around the corner.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 3 of Pentacles: Dec 31, Jan 1, Jan 2, Jan 3, Jan 4, Jan 5, Jan 6, Jan 7, Jan 8, Jan 9
4 of Pentacles
4 of Pentacles, which appears when one may be holding on to things too tightly. This can relate to tangible things or it can relate to relationships or situations. You may be clinging to find security, but in reality the fear of losing this thing actually makes you feel less secure. In terms of finances, the 4 of Pentacles may connect to financial fears. It is important not to be consumed by these fears, but to remain practical. In terms of love, it may be time to let go of a person, or at the very least, the idealized image you have for them in your mind. In all matters, the 4 of Pentacles suggests that holding on can become unhealthy and you must acknowledge when you've reached this point.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 4 of Pentacles: Jan 10, Jan 11, Jan 12, Jan 13, Jan 14, Jan 15, Jan 16, Jan 17, Jan 18, Jan 19
5 of Pentacles
5 of Pentacles, which relates to feelings of insecurity in life. You may have fallen into the mindset that you are alone in the troubles that life presents. In times like these, it is easy to look at those around you and feel that they are better off. Reach out towards loved ones to combat your feelings of isolation. If things are not working out in matters of love, friendship, finances or business, it is important to keep an optimistic eye, as your problems are most likely temporary. Remember that you have a great deal of control in life.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 5 of Pentacles: Apr 21, Apr 22, Apr 23, Apr 24, Apr 25, Apr 26, Apr 27, Apr 28, Apr 29, Apr 30
6 of Pentacles
6 of Pentacles, which points to sharing and the beginning of a positive cycle. You must remember that generosity in any form is most of the rewarding qualities in life, both to give and receive. The 6 of Pentacles reveals that you may soon be a benefactor or beneficiary. Pride should not stop you from receiving help and don't allow the pride of others from stopping a positive gesture. In terms of relationships, the 6 of Pentacles reminds you to give as much as you receive in relationships.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 6 of Pentacles: May 1, May 2, May 3, May 4, May 5, May 6, May 7, May 8, May 9, May 10
7 of Pentacles
7 of Pentacles, which appears when a return on an investment is nearing. Investments can obviously be financial, but investments of times, emotions and energy are just as relevant. You must continue to be thoughtful about the things and people you chose to invest in, as they play a key role in your future happiness. The 7 of Pentacles indicates that you are approaching the security that you desire, so embrace hopeful feelings about the future. In general, the 7 of Pentacles is a positive omen for work, love and finances.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 7 of Pentacles: May 11, May 12, May 13, May 14, May 15, May 16, May 17, May 18, May 19, May 20
8 of Pentacles
8 of Pentacles, which correlates directly with a period of hard work. You may enjoy hard work or you might not, but regardless hard work is necessary to reach your goals. Although times arrive that make it seem like work should be your only concern, be realistic in your abilities and don't allow other aspects of your life suffer too greatly. Balance is important and without it, your work may prove counterproductive. In love, its important to not let your work eclipse your emotional needs, or those of your partner. In the face of great challenges, the 8 of Pentacles reminds you that asking for help is a viable option.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 8 of Pentacles: Aug 23, Aug 24, Aug 25, Aug 26, Aug 27, Aug 28, Aug 29, Aug 30, Aug 31, Sep 1
9 of Pentacles
9 of Pentacles, which appears as a very positive omen for success and happiness; something much better is on the horizon. Your life may be on an upward trend in work, finances and love. While its easy to be tentative about hope, the 9 of Pentacles encourages you to embrace a bright outlook for the future. You may find that things will be better than you had previously imagined possible.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 9 of Pentacles: Sep 2, Sep 3, Sep 4, Sep 5, Sep 6, Sep 7, Sep 8, Sep 9, Sep 10, Sep 11
10 of Pentacles
10 of Pentacles, which is a very positive card for all matters in life. It is very possible that material desires may soon be fulfilled, but more so, you are nearing satisfaction on more important emotional levels as well. Spiritual prosperity may be on the horizon. Be thankful for the positive aspects of your life and make sure to share your positive energy with friends and strangers alike. You may be reaching the next level in work or love, so be prepared to meet any obstacles with confidence and determination.

Birthday Horoscopes Associated With 10 of Pentacles: Sep 12, Sep 13, Sep 14, Sep 15, Sep 16, Sep 17, Sep 18, Sep 19, Sep 20, Sep 21, Sep 22