Levi Miller
Levi Miller, 13Movie Actor 1
Levi Jones
Levi Jones, 18Bassist 2
Levi Morales
Levi Morales, 11 monthsYouTube Star 3
Levi Mitchell
Levi Mitchell, 18Pop Singer 4
Levi Randall
Levi Randall, 22TV Actor 5
Levi Pottorff
Levi Pottorff, 6Family Member 6
Levi Benton
Levi Benton, 25Metal Singer 7
Levi Strauss
Levi Strauss (1829-1902)Entrepreneur 8
Levi Roots
Levi Roots, 58Reggae Singer 9
Levi Bernhardt
Levi Bernhardt, 21YouTube Star 10
Levi Johnston
Levi Johnston, 26Model 11
Levi Coffin
Levi Coffin (1798-1877)Activist 12
Levi Rocha
Levi Rocha, 17YouTube Star 13
Levi Eirinberg
Levi Eirinberg, 15Chef 14
Levi Stubbs
Levi Stubbs (1936-2008)Rock Singer 15
Levi LaVallee
Levi LaVallee, 34 16
Levi Kreis
Levi Kreis, 34Stage Actor 17
Levi Bent-Lee
Levi Bent-Lee, 26Chef 18
Levi Woodbury
Levi Woodbury (1789-1851)Supreme Court Justice 19
Levi Sherwood
Levi Sherwood, 24Motorcycle Racer 20
Levi Lusko
Levi Lusko, 34Religious Leader 21
Levi Meaden
Levi Meaden, 29TV Actor 22
Levi Hummon
Levi Hummon, 25Country Singer 23
Levi Leipheimer
Levi Leipheimer, 42Cyclist 24
Levi Foster
Levi Foster, 30Model 25
Levi the Poet
Levi the Poet, 27Poet 26
Levi Casboult
Levi Casboult, 26Australian Rules Footballer 27
Levi Celerio
Levi Celerio (1910-2002)Composer 28

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