Daryl Sabara
Daryl Sabara, 21 Movie Actor 1
Daryl Hannah
Daryl Hannah, 53 Movie Actress 2
Daryl Hall
Daryl Hall, 67 Singer 3
Daryl Dragon
Daryl Dragon, 71 Singer 4
Daryl Hayott
Daryl Hayott, 53 Drummer 5
Daryl Mitchell
Daryl Mitchell, 48 TV Actor 6
Daryl Evans
Daryl Evans, 53 Hockey Player 7
Daryl Johnston
Daryl Johnston, 48 Football Player 8
Daryl Gates
Daryl Gates (1926-2010) Other 9
Daryl Stuermer
Daryl Stuermer, 61 Guitarist 10
Daryl Anderson
Daryl Anderson, 62 TV Actor 11
Daryl Braithwaite
Daryl Braithwaite, 65 Singer 12
Daryl Somers
Daryl Somers, 62 TV Show Host 13
Daryl Haney
Daryl Haney, 50 Screenwriter 14
Daryl Murphy
Daryl Murphy, 31 Soccer Player 15
Daryl Smith
Daryl Smith, 32 Football Player 16
Daryl Shore
Daryl Shore, 44 Soccer Player 17
Daryl Richardson
Daryl Richardson, 24 Football Player 18
Daryl Washington
Daryl Washington, 27 Football Player 19

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