Nia Lovelis
Nia Lovelis, 19Drummer 1
Colin Morgan
Colin Morgan, 30TV Actor 2
Maura Gallagher
Maura Gallagher, 55Family Member 3
Morris Chestnut
Morris Chestnut, 47TV Actor 4
Paul Revere
Paul Revere (1735-1818)War Hero 5
John Smith
John Smith (1580-1631)Explorer 6
Diamond White
Diamond White, 17R&B Singer 7
That Poppy
That Poppy, 15Pop Singer 8
Pocahontas (1595-1617) 9
Jack Ramsay
Jack Ramsay, 16Family Member 10
Jonah Peretti
Jonah Peretti, 42Entrepreneur 11
Jack Wilshere
Jack Wilshere, 24Soccer Player 12
Betsy Ross
Betsy Ross (1752-1836)Entrepreneur 13
Daniel Haye
Daniel Haye, 25YouTube Star 14
Meryl Davis
Meryl Davis, 29Figure Skater 15
Verne Troyer
Verne Troyer, 47Movie Actor 16
Tank, 40R&B Singer 17
Erika Saccone
Erika Saccone, 18YouTube Star 18
Noah Sierota
Noah Sierota, 20Bassist 19
Jeremy Irvine
Jeremy Irvine, 26Movie Actor 20
Holly Ramsay
Holly Ramsay, 16Family Member 21
Christopher McCrory
Christopher McCrory, 23Model 22
Jessica Jarrell
Jessica Jarrell, 21R&B Singer 23
Mr Lawrence
Mr Lawrence, 47Voice Actor 24
Lauren Silverman
Lauren Silverman, 39Family Member 25
Eiichiro Oda
Eiichiro Oda, 41Cartoonist 26
Freddy E
Freddy E (1991-2013)Rapper 27
Alexandrea Garza
Alexandrea Garza, 24YouTube Star 28
Vidya Balan
Vidya Balan, 38Movie Actress 29
Kenichi Ebina
Kenichi Ebina, 42Dancer 30
Jason Pierre-Paul
Jason Pierre-Paul, 27Football Player 31
Seana Gorlick
Seana Gorlick, 25Family Member 32
Jona Weinhofen
Jona Weinhofen, 33Guitarist 33
Jawed Karim
Jawed Karim, 37Entrepreneur 34
Abby McGrew
Abby McGrew, 32Family Member 35
William Valdes
William Valdes, 22TV Actor 36
Sander Helmers-Olsen
Sander Helmers-Olsen, 20Pop Singer 37
Katrina Law
Katrina Law, 31TV Actress 38
Bobby Roode
Bobby Roode, 39Wrestler 39
Linda Henry
Linda Henry, 53Soap Opera Actress 40
Mattie Foxx
Mattie Foxx, 23Metal Singer 41
Dawid Kwiatkowski
Dawid Kwiatkowski, 20Pop Singer 42
Chris Potter
Chris Potter, 45Saxophonist 43
Liang Chow
Liang Chow, 48Gymnastics Coach 44
Edita Vilkeviciute
Edita Vilkeviciute, 27Model 45
Jonas Armstrong
Jonas Armstrong, 35TV Actor 46
Idi Amin
Idi Amin (1925-2003)Politician 47
Jerry Yan
Jerry Yan, 39World Music Singer 48

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