Irene Cara
Irene Cara, 56Movie Actress 1
Irene Ryan
Irene Ryan (1902-1973)TV Actress 2
Irene Bedard
Irene Bedard, 48Voice Actor 3
Irene Dunne
Irene Dunne (1898-1990)Movie Actress 4
Irene, 24Pop Singer 5
Irene Sarah Mahmud-Khan
Irene Sarah Mahmud-Khan, 29YouTube Star 6
Irene Papas
Irene Papas, 89Movie Actress 7
Irene Kim
Irene Kim, 28Model 8
Irene the Dream
Irene the Dream, 30Model 9
Irene Joliot Curie
Irene Joliot Curie (1897-1956)Scientist 10
Irene Van Dyk
Irene Van Dyk, 43 11
Irene Khan
Irene Khan, 59Civil Rights Leader 12
Irene Jacob
Irene Jacob, 49Movie Actress 13
Irene Bordoni
Irene Bordoni (1885-1953)Stage Actress 14
Irene Gut Opdyke
Irene Gut Opdyke (1918-2003)War Hero 15
Irene Pepperberg
Irene Pepperberg, 66Scientist 16
Irene Esser
Irene Esser, 24Soap Opera Actress 17
Irene Ng
Irene Ng, 41TV Actress 18
Irene McCormack
Irene McCormack (1938-1991)Religious Leader 19
Irene Skliva
Irene Skliva, 37Model 20
Irene Molloy
Irene Molloy, 37TV Actress 21
Irene Scharrer
Irene Scharrer (1888-1971)Pianist 22
Irene Schweizer
Irene Schweizer, 74Pianist 23
Irene Lentz
Irene Lentz (1900-1962)Fashion Designer 24
Irene Vernon
Irene Vernon (1922-1998)TV Actress 25

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