James Spader
James Spader, 56Movie Actor 1
Benigno Aquino III
Benigno Aquino III, 56World Leader 2
Prince Andrew, Duke of York
Prince Andrew, Duke of York, 56Royalty 3
Jim Kelly
Jim Kelly, 56Football Player 4
Tony Robbins
Tony Robbins, 56Self-Help Author 5
One Man Gang
One Man Gang, 56Wrestler 6
Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith, 56Cartoonist 7
Khaled, 56Folk Singer 8
Joachim Low
Joachim Low, 56Soccer Player 9
Meg Tilly
Meg Tilly, 56Movie Actress 10
Mark Richt
Mark Richt, 56Football Coach 11
Wendee Lee
Wendee Lee, 56TV Actress 12
George Elliott Clarke
George Elliott Clarke, 56Poet 13
Holly Johnson
Holly Johnson, 56Pop Singer 14
Blair Tindall
Blair Tindall, 56Journalist 15
Darrell Green
Darrell Green, 56Football Player 16
Kerry Von Erich
Kerry Von Erich (1960-1993)Wrestler 17
Greta Scacchi
Greta Scacchi, 56Movie Actress 18
Marty Jannetty
Marty Jannetty, 56Wrestler 19
Dorothy Stratten
Dorothy Stratten (1960-1980)Model 20
Megan Gallagher
Megan Gallagher, 56TV Actress 21
Carol McGiffin
Carol McGiffin, 56TV Show Host 22
Tim Booth
Tim Booth, 56Rock Singer 23
Harry Thompson
Harry Thompson (1960-2005)TV Producer 24
Peggy Whitson
Peggy Whitson, 56Astronaut 25
Jamie Williams
Jamie Williams, 56Football Player 26
Gary Patterson
Gary Patterson, 56Football Coach 27
Leslie Ash
Leslie Ash, 56TV Actress 28
Douglas Hodge
Douglas Hodge, 56Stage Actor 29
Jonathan Larson
Jonathan Larson (1960-1996)Playwright 30
Joel Hodgson
Joel Hodgson, 56TV Actor 31
Andres Gomez
Andres Gomez, 56Tennis Player 32
Kee Marcello
Kee Marcello, 56Guitarist 33
David Simon
David Simon, 56Screenwriter 34
Kara Kennedy
Kara Kennedy (1960-2011)Family Member 35
Tony Anselmo
Tony Anselmo, 56Voice Actor 36
Robert Smigel
Robert Smigel, 56Comedian 37
Eric Jacobsen
Eric Jacobsen, 56Scientist 38
Prince Naruhito
Prince Naruhito, 56Royalty 39
Lin Tucci
Lin Tucci, 56Movie Actress 40
Steve Poltz
Steve Poltz, 56Rock Singer 41
Pierluigi Collina
Pierluigi Collina, 56Referee 42
Bryan Dobson
Bryan Dobson, 56TV Show Host 43
Dino Ciccarelli
Dino Ciccarelli, 56Hockey Player 44
Sonya Cortes
Sonya Cortes, 56TV Show Host 45
Paul Abbott
Paul Abbott, 56TV Producer 46
Russ Freeman
Russ Freeman, 56Guitarist 47
Carson Yeung
Carson Yeung, 56Business Executive 48

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