Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan, 50Movie Actor 1
Salman Khan
Salman Khan, 50Movie Actor 2
Mahatma Gandhi
Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)Civil Rights Leader 3
Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra, 33Movie Actress 4
Amitabh Bachchan
Amitabh Bachchan, 73Movie Actor 5
Sachin Tendulkar
Sachin Tendulkar, 43Cricket Player 6
Alia Bhatt
Alia Bhatt, 23Movie Actress 7
Kareena Kapoor
Kareena Kapoor, 35Movie Actress 8
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, 42Movie Actress 9
Virat Kohli
Virat Kohli, 27Cricket Player 10
The Great Khali
The Great Khali, 43Wrestler 11
Jazzy B
Jazzy B, 40World Music Singer 12
Varun Dhawan
Varun Dhawan, 29Movie Actor 13
Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi, 65Politician 14
Hrithik Roshan
Hrithik Roshan, 42Movie Actor 15
Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar, 48Movie Actor 16
Mohammad Ali
Mohammad Ali (1931-2006)Movie Actor 17
Mahendra Singh Dhoni
Mahendra Singh Dhoni, 34Cricket Player 18
Ranbir Kapoor
Ranbir Kapoor, 33Movie Actor 19
Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan, 51Movie Actor 20
Yo Yo Honey Singh
Yo Yo Honey Singh, 33Rapper 21
Kajol, 41Movie Actress 22
Sidharth Malhotra
Sidharth Malhotra, 31Movie Actor 23
Shraddha Kapoor
Shraddha Kapoor, 27Movie Actress 24
Rajinikanth, 65Movie Actor 25
Anushka Sharma
Anushka Sharma, 28Movie Actress 26
Shahid Kapoor
Shahid Kapoor, 35Movie Actor 27
Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor, 31Movie Actress 28
Ranveer Singh
Ranveer Singh, 30Movie Actor 29
Vijay Chandrasekhar
Vijay Chandrasekhar, 42Movie Actor 30
Suriya, 40Movie Actor 31
Madhuri Dixit
Madhuri Dixit, 49Movie Actress 32
Ajith Kumar
Ajith Kumar, 45Movie Actor 33
Shreya Ghoshal
Shreya Ghoshal, 32World Music Singer 34
Saif Ali Khan
Saif Ali Khan, 45Movie Actor 35
Tiger Shroff
Tiger Shroff, 26Movie Actor 36
Sooraj Pancholi
Sooraj Pancholi, 25Movie Actor 37
Mahesh Babu
Mahesh Babu, 40Movie Actor 38
Kajal Aggarwal
Kajal Aggarwal, 31Movie Actress 39
Mohanlal Nair
Mohanlal Nair, 56Movie Actor 40
Kapil Sharma
Kapil Sharma, 35Comedian 41
Dhanush, 32Movie Actor 42
Sonakshi Sinha
Sonakshi Sinha, 29Movie Actress 43
Diljit Dosanjh
Diljit Dosanjh, 32Movie Actor 44
Rani Mukerji
Rani Mukerji, 38Movie Actress 45
Kriti Sanon
Kriti Sanon, 25Movie Actress 46
Allu Arjun
Allu Arjun, 33Movie Actor 47
Abhishek Bachchan
Abhishek Bachchan, 40Movie Actor 48

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