Miniminter, 22YouTube Star 1
Sophia Lucia
Sophia Lucia, 13Dancer 2
Eazy E
Eazy E (1963-1995)Rapper 3
Rosie McClelland
Rosie McClelland, 9Pop Singer 4
Cameron Ocasio
Cameron Ocasio, 16TV Actor 5
Elizabeth I of England
Elizabeth I of England (1533-1603)Royalty 6
Kurt Hugo Schneider
Kurt Hugo Schneider, 27YouTube Star 7
Ross Hornby
Ross Hornby, 27YouTube Star 8
Kevin Love
Kevin Love, 27Basketball Player 9
Do, 34Pop Singer 10
Buddy Holly
Buddy Holly (1936-1959)Rock Singer 11
Chrissy Monroe
Chrissy Monroe, 42Reality Star 12
Jennifer Veal
Jennifer Veal, 24TV Actress 13
Sam Craske
Sam Craske, 25Dancer 14
Miranda, 31Soccer Player 15
BroFresco, 19YouTube Star 16
Mark Turpin
Mark Turpin, 28YouTube Star 17
Mammootty, 64Movie Actor 18
Evan Rachel Wood
Evan Rachel Wood, 28Movie Actress 19
Sheryl Isako
Sheryl Isako, 10Dancer 20
Lucas Jade Zumann
Lucas Jade Zumann, 14Movie Actor 21
Jerry LaVigne
Jerry LaVigne, 31YouTube Star 22
Julie Kavner
Julie Kavner, 65Voice Actress 23
Rafinha, 30Soccer Player 24
Zac Pullam
Zac Pullam, 14TV Actor 25
Dean-Charles Chapman
Dean-Charles Chapman, 18TV Actor 26
Devon Sawa
Devon Sawa, 37Movie Actor 27
Jocelyn Wildenstein
Jocelyn Wildenstein, 70Family Member 28
Corbin Bernsen
Corbin Bernsen, 61TV Actor 29
Ed Warren
Ed Warren (1926-2006)Novelist 30
Cameron George
Cameron George, 16YouTube Star 31
Toby Jones
Toby Jones, 49Movie Actor 32
Jimmy Urine
Jimmy Urine, 46Rock Singer 33
Gloria Gaynor
Gloria Gaynor, 66Pop Singer 34
Michelle Creber
Michelle Creber, 16Voice Actress 35
Taylor Gray
Taylor Gray, 22TV Actor 36
August Kekule
August Kekule (1820-1896)Scientist 37
Shannon Elizabeth
Shannon Elizabeth, 42Movie Actress 38
Michael Emerson
Michael Emerson, 61TV Actor 39
Leslie Jones
Leslie Jones, 48Comedian 40
Ian Chen
Ian Chen, 9TV Actor 41
Danielle Brooks
Danielle Brooks, 25TV Actress 42
Melissa De la Cruz
Melissa De la Cruz, 44Young Adult Author 43
Sammy Moore
Sammy Moore, 28Soccer Player 44
Oliver Hudson
Oliver Hudson, 39TV Actor 45
Harrison Craig
Harrison Craig, 21Pop Singer 46
Harris Heller
Harris Heller, 27Vine Star 47
Grandma Moses
Grandma Moses (1860-1961)Painter 48

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