Emma Watson
Emma Watson, 26Movie Actress 1
Alex Lange
Alex Lange, 15Model 2
Jerome Jarre
Jerome Jarre, 26Vine Star 3
David Guetta
David Guetta, 48DJ 4
Sulivan Gwed
Sulivan Gwed, 16Instagram Star 5
Kid Lucas
Kid Lucas, 19Vine Star 6
Paul Pogba
Paul Pogba, 23Soccer Player 7
DJ Snake
DJ Snake, 30DJ 8
Jeremy Taieb
Jeremy Taieb, 15Movie Actor 9
Andre the Giant
Andre the Giant (1946-1993)Wrestler 10
Coco Chanel
Coco Chanel (1883-1971)Fashion Designer 11
Antoine Griezmann
Antoine Griezmann, 25Soccer Player 12
Karim Benzema
Karim Benzema, 28Soccer Player 13
Zinedine Zidane
Zinedine Zidane, 44Soccer Player 14
Georges Danton
Georges Danton (1759-1794)World Leader 15
Yo-Yo Ma
Yo-Yo Ma, 60Cellist 16
Larry Bourgeois
Larry Bourgeois, 27Dancer 17
Cyprien Iov
Cyprien Iov, 27YouTube Star 18
Lily-Rose Depp
Lily-Rose Depp, 17Family Member 19
Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821)Royalty 20
Thierry Henry
Thierry Henry, 39Soccer Player 21
Franck Ribery
Franck Ribery, 33Soccer Player 22
Olivier Giroud
Olivier Giroud, 29Soccer Player 23
Marie Lopez
Marie Lopez, 21YouTube Star 24
Angelique Boyer
Angelique Boyer, 28Movie Actress 25
Eva Green
Eva Green, 36Movie Actress 26
Arsene Wenger
Arsene Wenger, 66Soccer Coach 27
Thomas Bangalter
Thomas Bangalter, 41DJ 28
Thylane Blondeau
Thylane Blondeau, 15Model 29
Squeezie, 20YouTube Star 30
Sonia Ben Ammar
Sonia Ben Ammar, 17Model 31
Riyad Mahrez
Riyad Mahrez, 25Soccer Player 32
Dimitri Payet
Dimitri Payet, 29Soccer Player 33
Anthony Martial
Anthony Martial, 20Soccer Player 34
Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc (1412-1431)War Hero 35
Hugo Lloris
Hugo Lloris, 29Soccer Player 36
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, 27Soccer Player 37
Matthieu Lange
Matthieu Lange, 19Instagram Star 38
Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton (1821-1892)Entrepreneur 39
Marion Cotillard
Marion Cotillard, 40Movie Actress 40
Georges Pompidou
Georges Pompidou (1911-1974)World Leader 41
Eric Cantona
Eric Cantona, 50Soccer Player 42
Jazzie Zonzolo
Jazzie Zonzolo, 26YouTube Star 43
Lea Seydoux
Lea Seydoux, 31Movie Actress 44
Brigitte Bardot
Brigitte Bardot, 82Movie Actress 45
Madeon, 22Music Producer 46
Yeardley Smith
Yeardley Smith, 52Voice Actress 47
Demba Ba
Demba Ba, 31Soccer Player 48

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