The Weeknd
The Weeknd, 26R&B Singer 1
Alex Aiono
Alex Aiono, 20Pop Singer 2
Brittney Smith
Brittney Smith, 25YouTube Star 3
Chloe East
Chloe East, 15Movie Actress 4
Elizabeth Olsen
Elizabeth Olsen, 27Movie Actress 5
Ashlund Jade
Ashlund Jade, 13YouTube Star 6
Ice T
Ice T, 58Rapper 7
Amanda Holden
Amanda Holden, 45TV Actress 8
Matthew Knight
Matthew Knight, 22TV Actor 9
Kim Jong-il
Kim Jong-il (1941-2011)World Leader 10
Christopher Eccleston
Christopher Eccleston, 52Movie Actor 11
Denzel Curry
Denzel Curry, 21Rapper 12
Lenarr, 18Vine Star 13
Kim Soo Hyun
Kim Soo Hyun, 28Movie Actor 14
Valentino Rossi
Valentino Rossi, 37Motorcycle Racer 15
Jimmy Tatro
Jimmy Tatro, 24YouTube Star 16
Akidearest, 23YouTube Star 17
YFN Lucci
YFN Lucci, 25Rapper 18
Bry, 27Pop Singer 19
Grace Mulgrew
Grace Mulgrew, 10YouTube Star 20
Andy Fowler
Andy Fowler, 22Pop Singer 21
Margot Frank
Margot Frank (1926-1945)Family Member 22
Nicholas Petricca
Nicholas Petricca, 29Rock Singer 23
June Brown
June Brown, 89Soap Opera Actress 24
Lupe Fiasco
Lupe Fiasco, 34Rapper 25
Olivia Taylor
Olivia Taylor, 11Dancer 26
TeaLynn Adamson
TeaLynn Adamson, 12Dancer 27
Nikko Natividad
Nikko Natividad, 21Dancer 28
Micah Williams
Micah Williams, 25TV Actor 29
Michael Demassimo
Michael Demassimo, 17Funimate Star 30
Brenden Hopkins
Brenden Hopkins, 19Vine Star 31
Sammy Janee
Sammy Janee, Star 32
aDrive, 25YouTube Star 33
Angela Moreno
Angela Moreno, 20Instagram Star 34
Cathy Freeman
Cathy Freeman, 43Runner 35
icolor500, 15YouTube Star 36
LeVar Burton
LeVar Burton, 59TV Actor 37
Brad Walst
Brad Walst, 39Bassist 38
India Rae Brooks
India Rae Brooks, 18Instagram Star 39
Jenniffer Hardwick
Jenniffer Hardwick, 26Reality Star 40
Jerome Bettis
Jerome Bettis, 44Football Player 41
Jack Reid
Jack Reid, 18Family Member 42
Ryan Follese
Ryan Follese, 29Pop Singer 43
Jackson Lee Felt
Jackson Lee Felt, Star 44
Sonny Bono
Sonny Bono (1935-1998)Rock Singer 45
KittyPlays, 24Twitch Star 46
Danielle Haim
Danielle Haim, 27Rock Singer 47
Erin Babbs
Erin Babbs, 37Choreographer 48

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